Aries Season

Meditating on this time of year and what it represents to me. Aries energy is an energy of beginnings and clarity of self. It is weird starting spring and being in the house all of the time. More specifically, being afraid to leave the house. Living through a pandemic in a world that doesn’t center around life, the healing wisdoms of nature rhythms or natural law is complicated and hard not to be afraid.

I’ve been bumping a lot of Marvin Gaye and Gil Scott Heron, two of my favorite Aries spirits. They have a sensuality and sense of calling out what they see in the world in their music that has been very necessary right now for me to be soothed by and reflect on.

Marvin Gaye’s falsetto and sexuality is a force I’ve known my whole life, but begin to truly understand when I was in college when I played his, “I Want You” album on repeat. The songs on their are solid R & B grooves that give the perfect rhythmic metronome for pleasuring yourself in your single dorm room. His falsetto is spaceship healing shaped in gospel and perfected in the honey throat of a Black man who knows the multi-dimension of lust. I would get lost in his singing and it felt like being in a tunnel of soft pink and lush cotton candy. But sexier.

I was literally blessed AF to get to meet Gil Scott Heron in 2009 after seeing him perform at B.B. King’s in Manhattan. He had the gentlest and fiercest energy, and hearing him play was like watching a deity amongst humanity with a radical gospel. At that point he was an old man who was strong but subdued. He had been through so much in his career and I saw the weariness that the Black artist life leaves on the hearts of our elders. In meeting him, I wasn’t sure what his vibe was gonna be, because you never know with people, especially artists. When I met him though, he was so sweet in that way that Black people who grew up in a southern way are. Just laid back and present. I’ll never forget him taking off his sunglasses when he introduced himself and apologizing for seeming too cool with them on. I thought to myself, “this is literally the coolest person ever, he can do whatever he want!” Yet, in that moment he was just a gentle soul greeting another soul, who would take his shades off to connect with a stranger.

My favorite auntie who is very sexy and free is an Aries. I grew up with her dressing in head to toe Black and Red and going to the club in popping red lips, laughing loudly and gap-toothed. My hard headed and funny ass uncle, is also an Aries. We call him the “wild card” and I’ll leave it at that. I categorize people in my head, by their astrology a lot, which I know may be weird or obsessive, but whatever . I know the astrological sign of every person, thinker, feeler and creative soul I know. Mainly so I can think of the archetype of these signs and what these people teach me about that energy, how do they express it?

Aries Season

Spring Ram
child of the new leaves, 
beginnings and daybreaks.
Curled horns, fury and fire
heat spiciness unveiled
passion overwhelming energy to become
The newness of all things.
I am the first green
bud within the seeming never-ending frost,
finding sun is the desire to erupt.
A break into life, a possibility
for lushness and becoming.

The pop off, the sho nuff, the hot headed uncle
black knight. skin filled of fight.

The honey with the thick thighs
in a red dress
prepared to bring you to Goddess
through the fire making of rubbed thighs
smiles and sacred lust.
I am the hot block
The corner of action
of possibility, of tricksters
of fools.

-Junauda Petrus

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