Sister Spit Tour March 8th-21st
I’m excited to be touring with the Sister Spit tour! 7 Queers x 7 cities = Queer Art for ALL! I’ll be on the road with all of this brilliant souls: Ananya Garg, Creatrix Tiara, Dena Rod, Imani Sims, librecht baker and Mia S. Willis!

 Sun, Mar 8: Sister Spit SEATTLE
4-6pm, Northwest Film Forum $20

 Tue, Mar 10: Sister Spit PCC
TBA, Portland Community College FREE

 Wed, Mar 11: Sister Spit TACOMA
7-9pm, Tacoma Rainbow Center $15-$20

 Thu, Mar 12: Sister Spit PORTLAND
7-9pm, Psychic Sister $20-$40

 Fri, Mar 13: Sister Spit OLYMPIA
6:30-8:30pm, Olympia Timberland Library FREE

 Sun, Mar 15: Sister Spit Oakland
7-9pm, White Horse Bar $20

Wed, Mar 18: Sister Spit San Francisco
7-9pm, The STUD $20

Fri, Mar 20: Sister Spit Los Angeles
7-9pm, A Love Bizarre $20

Sat, Mar 21: Sister Spit Long Beach
6-8pm, MADE by Millworks FREE