Interview with For Colored Girls Book Club

“I wanted it to be the sweetest most magical love story between black girls and allowing black girls to be in the center of something important when it comes to their desire and their pleasure, and their romantic excitement.”

Photo: Carlos Gonzalez/Star Tribune

I got the opportunity recently to be interviewed with the awesome and brilliant Gizelle from For Colored Girls Book Club. They started the book club as a space dedicated to amplifying the voices of black and brown female and non-binary writers in literature. I was over the moon to get to Skype with her and answer her questions about my book, queerness within the Caribbean, The Color Purple, Black diasporic vernaculars and more! Click here to read this interview.

Interview with the Njeri from the Onyx Pages!

I love the Onyx Pages and I love Njeri Damali Sojourner-Campbell, the originator sister of it! I was blessed to get to meet her on a magical bus ride in Detroit as part of a thing the dope homie, adrienne maree brown was doing and we just bonded as Queer, Trini-Black-Diaspora Futurist nerds! She has been a yummy champion of my book and that makes me sooo happy! Click this video and check us be all lovey dovey and nerdy with each other!